Under Eye

Under-Eye Rejuvenation

Tear Trough Injection for Correction of under eye dark circles

Tear Trough injections are performed exclusively by Dr. Rad at Yofi Medical Spa. Dr. Rad has extensive experience in tear trough injections with amazing results. All injections are done using the most advanced and updated techniques with a single port cannula injection.

During your consultation, we will assess the reason behind your dark circles. In majority of cases, dark circles are due to volume loss under the eyes and ensuing shadowing effect. This can be corrected with injection of dermal fillers in the specific locations. Some people also have hyperpigmentation or excessive vascularity of lower eyelids which cannot be corrected with dermal fillers alone and may require topical medications or laser treatments.

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What makes Dr. Rad’s tear trough treatments different?

Dr. Rad has treated numerous patients with dark circles using fillers and has extensive experience in this area. Dr. Rad frequently treats complications of filler injections done by non-experienced providers.

Every patient is different and requires a different approach. During your consultation, Dr. Rad will give you his recommendation on how to treat your dark circles. For most patients, filler treatment is combined with prescription grade topical medications or laser therapy.  Injections are done using highest grade single port cannulas and most patients experience little to no pain. With this technique bruising is minimal and you can resume work the next day, with no down time. It is imperative to inject the filler at a specific depth and in the appropriate plane to avoid the tinging effect (too superficial) and prevent formation of a goblet under your eyes.

Lower eyelids are the most challenging and delicate area for injection of facial fillers and must be performed by an experienced physician. Do your research prior to getting under eye fillers at a discount spa.


What kind of dermal filler do you use?

For majority of our patients we use Restylane-L. However, we have used Juvederm products in the past. In our experience, Restylane-L gives a more natural look and stays in place nicely for tear trough injections. We sometimes use a combination of fillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each case is different and depends on the amount of volume that needs to be corrected. We have used as little as 0.2cc to 1 cc.

Your consultation is usually 20 minutes. If you need under eye fillers, it can be injected on the same day. Most consults and injections are scheduled for 1 hour. We will prescribe any topical cream you might need to decrease under eye hyperpigmentation at the same time. We then schedule to see you in 2 weeks to re-evaluate you and correct any asymmetry or address any questions you might have.

Area surrounding the eyes are extremely vascular. If a needle penetrates a vessel in the area, bleeding and bruising can occur. In our practice, we use a single port injection cannula technique. Cannula is a blunt needle that is inserted through a port (usually on your cheek) and advanced to the tear trough location under your skin. This procedure results in less trauma to the vessels in the surrounding area and less bruising. However, it is still possible to bruise, we try our best to minimize the chances of it happening.

We use a local anesthetic at the site of cannulation. Most patients are very comfortable and do not experience any pain at the time of injection.

If the dermal filler is injected superficially, a blue tinge will appear on the skin which is known as tinging effect. It is very important to research your doctor and make sure he/she is experienced in tear trough injections. All the injections are deep and close to the bone to avoid this side effect. We have corrected “bad” injections done by other practitioners. Tear troughs are one of the most delicate areas to inject.

For most people it lasts 9 to 18 month. However, each person is different.  We use a hyaluronic acid based filler which will be metabolized by your body over time.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic works below the surface to combat fine lines and wrinkles. Schedule your consultation today.

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    BOTOX® Cosmetic works below the surface to combat fine lines and wrinkles. Schedule your consultation today.

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      BOTOX® Cosmetic works below the surface to combat fine lines and wrinkles. Schedule your consultation today.